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I've used EquineShine multiple times during shows and competitions as well as just on the yard for those pesky stable stains. I have to say its absolutely fantastic! My Grey, Tom has never smelt so great and looked so clean. there was a large reduction in flies for around an hour half, It really did remove the grass stains and odours 5 stars 🙂

Hollie, Equine Science Bsc, Hartpury

Loved how it broke the poo stains down and lifted them to the surface however due to the scale of the muck on Chia I found towelling off not very effective , therefore I sprayed on, left for about 2 mins then chucked some water on with a sponge, now I know the whole point is that it doesn’t need water, however although I did use water it was far more effective and much easier than traditional soap and water. There was no stain left after sponging and I didn’t need to worry about getting all residue off (as you don’t need to wash it)!!! On a fly repelling front I was also quite impressed, it certainly does the trick but I cannot be sure how long it lasts for on such a large animal compared to dogs. It also caused no adverse reactions to the sensitive skin of my mare, overall very very happy and would certainly buy it if it was on the shelf at a local store.